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How much money coul I earn filling out surveys?

In general, it depends on you and your effort. The more surveys you fill out, the more gifts/prizes could be given to you from marketing survey companies. The rewards vary, normally between $0.50 and $35, but on average people are compensated $1-$15 per survey. You may get even one hundred of dollars or more if you are selected for a focus group.

Just why do companies offer rewards for filling out their surveys?

The short answer is: it is cheaper and meets their needs better than others ways. With online surveys you fill out at home within a certain time frame, companies can quickly get responses from targeted groups in the locations they are interested in. Using your feedback, they can judge the worth of ideas and turn up new things they may not have thought important.

What is the process of participating in surveys?

First, you fill in a form on website we research and provide you. You will list information about youself –age, sex, location, education, etc. This is called demographics. If your profile complies with a survey's target market, you will be invited (by e-mail) to take part in online survey. The truth is, you will not be accepted in 100% suveys or companies you sign-up. But don't be distressed if you are not accepted in one place, keep moving to the next.

Why don’t you give access to paid survey companies for free?

Two reasons. First, it doesn’t work. Studies show people who get something for nothing do not do anything meaningful with it. They place no value on it.

Second, we have worked hard and invested our own money to create a business that helps people make money in their spare time at home or wherever.

In order to offer you high quality service - supply you with fresh, updated links to paid survey companies websites - we have a full-time employee.

Just think of it in business terms. For a small fee - you can access a fresh and updated list of best online survey companies and make money year after year.

You would spend many, many hours collecting the same information we have here for you and that is being regularly updated. And then there is the job of deciding which were the best ones.

With your membership and us doing the grunt work, you will have time left over to actually participate in surveys - and do other things you like. Yes, the membership fee is a wise business investment. So small, it’s just a drop in the bucket compared with your earnings potential.

Can I participate in paid surveys if I don't live in the United States?

There are a lot of survey opportunities for United States residents. If you live in Canda, the United Kingdom or Australia, you can participate in many market researches conducted there. Some opportunities are open to nationals from any country around the globe. It is not possible to figure out in advance whether the survey process would be profitable for any particular country. You could sign up and register with as many sites as possible. Then you will see if it works for your location and profile.

Survey Money Portal has sorted survey companies by countries so you will find active companies in your region quickly. We regularly update our database and add new international sites as they become available.

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